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We have been focusing on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) at our school. We know we have great students, and we know that kids generally do not misbehave due to a strong desire to be in trouble. As a PBIS school, we know that sometimes misbehavior occurs when a student doesn't clearly understand or hasn't been taught the expectations. We  like to view misbehavior as an opportunity to teach students a missing behavioral skill.
We also know that we have supportive and involved parents at PHPS, and we want to involve you. Starting in October we increased our home-school communication regarding student behavior. If a student has a conversation with a teacher for a "minor" behavior, you will see a blue sheet titled, "Rooster Traits Minor Notification" come home with your child. We ask that after looking at the sheet, you please sign and return it with your child the next day. Your signature means that you are aware of the minor behavior incident. Remember, the incident is considered a “minor,” and the blue sheet is just to let you know that a teacher spoke with your child about that particular behavior. The behavior is not considered a “major” until there are 3 incidences that appear in the same category (respect, responsible, safe) in a 1 month time frame.  If a student should get 3 “minors” in one area within a month, I will contact you to see if we need to put together a plan to help your child to be successful at school. Our goal, with your help, is to redirect students and teach positive replacement behaviors before “minors” become “majors.” Please keep in mind that your child will only bring home a blue sheet if there was an incident that day. Most days there will be no sheets coming home.
You will continue to be contacted for more serious behaviors via phone calls, email, or a note home. This sheet is just for those less severe (minor) behaviors.
There will be more about PBIS in future newsletters. As a PBIS School, we want all students to feel successful and helping them to make positive behavioral decisions is one way we can do that.
Sherry Helus, Principal

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If you have a kindergarten age student for the 2019-2020 school year, return the attached from by January 31. **Children must be 5 on or before July 31, 2019.


Please, remember that any bus change requires a call to BOTH the Durham Bus Company and the Primary School.
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